To restore a brown trout fishery
through non-profit means for
the purpose of preservation
while providing an improved
angling experience for future

We're back at it in 2010!
This is our
sixth year of growing beautiful trout in
a modified tomato bin right here at Paradise
In 2006 we raised and stocked over 16,000 brown
trout all from our tomato bin right here. We were
also able to raise enough donations to purchase
several loads of catchable browns and rainbows
that were stocked throughout the season into the
Bridgeport Reservoir.
In early May, 2007 we loaded our tomato bin once
again with beautiful brown trout and released
them at the beginning of October.
Our program has already funded several trout
stockings throughout the east walker drainage
through the spring and summer of 2007.
In 2008, We received over 8000 fingerling brown
trout that were donated to us by the Department of
Fish and Game. We grew them out to a cathable
size and released them in October during the Skip
Baker East Walker Open.
In 2009, we received over 2,000 brown trout from
the Virginia Creek Settlement Trout Project. They
have been raising the trout all through the past
winter.  We
raised them till mid October and
released them into the Reservoir. Hopefully we
a few trophy size trout out of it.  We also
decided to stock around 1,000 brown trout into the
Reservoir on 4/25/09 as well.
Volunteers will raise and care for the trout in our
tomato bins until they are large enough to survive
on their own. We will plant the brown trout into our
local waters and keep several hundred in the bins
to grow them out until the end of the season. Our
long term plan will enhance the local fishery and
improve the quality of brown trout caught from our
We would like to extend a big thank you to
everyone who has generously donated to our
program and all the wonderful people who have
volunteered their time and efforts to help make
this program a success. Every donation we
receive goes right back into the system.
We cannot accomplish our goals without help. We
need donations from caring people who believe
that a small group of people can do big things.
Please send your check or money order to:

Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Foundation
P.O. Box 23
Bridgeport, CA 93517
For information or online donations click here!!
My wife and I really enjoyed our short
stay with you a couple of weeks ago.  
You have a beautiful location and I
particularly liked your friendliness.

I promised you a cartoon to remember
my stay when I got home (and had
access to my cartooning tools).  I am
sending you the original (which the
colors are usually better) by mail.  
Below is a quick review for you.  Hope
you get a chuckle out of it.  Please
drop me a return message so I will
know if you received it okay.

Best Wishes.